Some recent writing

Longer features

How Nespresso’s coffee revolution got ground down (Guardian Long Read)

Life aboard a superyacht (Observer magazine)

What’s really going on at Love School (Observer magazine)

The First World War camp where horticulture flourished

Mephedrone: Chemistry lessons (Telegraph magazine)

Experience – ‘I got stuck in a chimney’ (Guardian Weekend magazine)

Jackie Chan – ‘I hate violence’ (Observer magazine)

Chuck Palahniuk – ‘I’m fascinated by low fiction that disgusts the reader or makes them sexually aroused’ 

I left my heart in the Luton airport branch of Bella Italia (Observer)

Brothers in arms over man-hugs (Observer) 

Why you should never help your girlfriend to move house  (Telegraph) 

Should you be on first-name terms with your barista? (Telegraph)

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